Digital Delirium

Writing and Photography

Aynjel Kaye

Read "Circus of Regret" on Strange Horizons.

Read "Air, Water, and Road" on Strange Horizons.

Christina Angel

Read "Say It" in The Mammoth Book of Women's Fantasies.

Read "Skin Deep Being" in Sacred Exchange.

Dead Flowers Photography

See Aynjel Kaye's photograph "Life Sentence" on the cover of Jay Lake's collection American Sorrows, available from Wheatland Press.

About Digital Delirium

Digital Delirium is the website about the writing and photography of Aynjel Kaye, Christina Angel, and Stacey Wenkel.

dig·i·tal adjective
1: of or relating to the fingers or toes, 2: done with a finger, 3: of, relating to, or using calculation by numerical methods or by discrete units, 4: of or relating to data in the form of numerical digits, 5: providing a readout in numerical digits, 6: relating to an audio recording method in which sound waves are represented digitally (as on magnetic tape) so that in the recording wow and flutter are eliminated and background noise is reduced

de·lir·i·um noun
1: a mental disturbance characterized by confusion, disordered speech, and hallucinations, 2: frenzied excitement