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Read "Mockingbird Girl" in Full Unit Hook Up #5.

Read "Circus of Regret" on Strange Horizons. "Circus of Regret" received an Honorable Mention in Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Seventeenth Annual Collection.

Read "Air, Water, and Road" on Strange Horizons.


See Aynjel Kaye at the following conventions in 2005:


Read what people at Tangent Online are saying:

About "Air, Water, and Road", the reviewer says:

Aynjel Kaye's story has roots that extend through Parsifal and keep right on going: hers is a once-and-future heir-to-the-throne tale and a pirate story, thoroughly updated by a female protagonist, a pirate queen with lesbian leanings, and a subtly disturbing alien invasion theme. [...] Kaye writes lushly descriptive, evocative prose that drips goth/punk attitude.

SF Site reviews Full Unit Hookup #5 and says:

Aynjel Kaye [...] is a writer to watch [...].

James Patrick Kelley talks about slipstream on the net. He mentions Strange Horizonsand says:

While not explicitly in the slipstream, Strange Horizons has published most of the up-and-coming writers who experiment with genre. [...] Some of the writers to watch who have appeared recently in SH are Aynjel Kaye, Benjamin Rosenbaum, Jenn Reese, Jay Lake, Tim Pratt and Timons Esaias.

And really, that's not bad company to be in.